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luigi loves daisy
luigi loves daisy
second vid bands: the underdog project and linkin park sorry credits r messed up here
luigi loves daisy
luigi vs daisy in super mario strikers
Luigi VS Daisy in Super Mario Strikers!
The "Steady Sweeties" battle in an epic Super Mario Strikers game! For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: ...
Luigi VS Daisy in Super Mario...
luigi s and daisy s baby
Luigi's and Daisy's Baby
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Luigi's and Daisy's Baby
abm movie baby mario and baby luigi go to school 4 finale
ABM Movie: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi go to school #4 FINALE
Its the last day of school( for them)
ABM Movie: Baby Mario and Bab...
alone at home disturbia luigi mr l x daisy
Alone at Home: Disturbia - Luigi/Mr. L x Daisy
Meant to name it: "A Disturbing Scenario," but it'd be clunky. XP; This video actually has an alt. storyline, lol. A "monster" video which took me approx. 12+ hrs to do. (WMM KE ...
Alone at Home: Disturbia - Lu...
luigi x daisy love
disfruten el video de imagenes de una de las parejas mas famosas de nintendo y por favor suscribanse a mi canal
daisy breaks up with luigi
Daisy Breaks up with Luigi
Special thanks to mah nigga The Ankle Destroyer because without him this video would have never happened Song Tyrone Wells "All I'm ...
Daisy Breaks up with Luigi
mario strikers charged football daisy vs luigi
Mario Strikers Charged Football - Daisy vs Luigi
Mario Strikers Charged Football - Gameplay - Daisy vs Luigi - Lo Stadio Galattico
Mario Strikers Charged Footba...
luigi vs daisy boxing
Luigi VS. Daisy (Boxing)
3 matches between Luigi & Daisy.
Luigi VS. Daisy (Boxing)
mario luigi peach daisy y rosalina move your feet
Mario,Luigi,Peach,Daisy y Rosalina-Move Your Feet
2ndo video,etoy abierto a peticiones,(canciones dance,disco,electronica,rock,pop,rock alternativo,rock abilly,regae y oldies),pasenme el nombre de su cancion y yo les aviso por un ...
Mario,Luigi,Peach,Daisy y Ros...
luigi and daisy
Luigi and Daisy :)
Well I really love this couple (: and I wanted to show you how much I love them.
Luigi and Daisy :)
mario peach luigi daisy what makes you beautiful
Mario, Peach, Luigi, & Daisy ~ What makes you Beautiful
Okay, first of alll, I LOVE ONE DIRECTION. ZAYNNN. Okay, anyways, well, I like this songs, and these couples, so I was like, why not ya know? Well, enjoy! Song:What makes you beaut ...
Mario, Peach, Luigi, & Daisy ...
mario super sluggers l luigi knights vs mario fireballs nighttime l daisy cruiser
Mario Super Sluggers l Luigi Knights vs Mario Fireballs Nighttime l Daisy Cruiser
Mario Super Sluggers l Luigi ...
mario super sluggers l daisy flowers vs luigi knights daytime l daisy cruiser
Mario Super Sluggers l Daisy Flowers vs Luigi Knights Daytime l Daisy Cruiser
Mario Super Sluggers l Daisy ...
daisy and luigi s wedding
Daisy and Luigi 's Wedding
Daisy and Luigi 's Wedding
would if mario luigi link rosalina daisy peach and zelda were mermaids
would if mario, luigi ,link, rosalina, daisy, peach, and zelda were mermaids
everyone keeps asking me whats the pic at thumb1:44: why
would if mario, luigi ,link,...
mario vs peach vs luigi vs daisy
mario vs peach vs luigi vs daisy
super smash bros brawl. sorry the music is so low, my computer isnt that good. p.s. they are ALL level 9. if u like more ssbb battles, comment please!
mario vs peach vs luigi vs daisy
mario and peach vs luigi and daisy
Mario and Peach vs Luigi and Daisy
The Mario Bros and their girlfriends play Super Smash Bros Wii U
Mario and Peach vs Luigi and ...
let s play super mario strikers daisy vs luigi
Let's Play Super Mario Strikers- Daisy vs. Luigi
Ah, yes! Let the green thunder rumble! I cross swords with that beloved second fiddle: Luigi. You may know the little slogan I took for this LP: "Just go for it!" From that crazy f ...
Let's Play Super Mario Strike...
luigi y daisy peach y mario
luigi y daisy peach y mario
este es mi segundo video espero que les guste
luigi y daisy peach y mario